Connections for Special Parents grew from an idea in the mind of a caring professional: Jean Davison.  Jean is an Occupational Therapist and had worked with children for many years, often in their homes. She came to realize that most families she encountered had a common need: fellowship and support from others with similar circumstances. Over time, Jean realized that she was in a position to be the connecting element for these families. She began looking for support and in 2004, with the help of Royston Baptist Church, CSP was born.

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Mission Statement:

Connections for Special Parents, Inc. (CSP) was formed to support and connect parents/caregivers raising a child with special needs. We are organized to share information and tips about successful parenting, offer opportunities that would give a child with special needs a chance to experience greater inclusion at school and in the community, connect parents/caregivers with resources needed to help each child meet his/her full potential, and help parents learn the skills needed to become more effective advocates for their child.  Our greatest mission is to provide respite to caregivers who are continuously in the throes of caring for a child with very special needs.